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Quality assurance
and control

From Coastal’s beginnings, our core values have always been centered around the service and quality we have been able to provide to our clients. We adopted a formal QA/QC plan and created an official department to teach, maintain and ensure our core value of quality on every project. Led by one of the principals of Coastal Construction, Mike Murphy, our stringent QA/QC Program is based on over 45 years of experience building in Florida’s unique environment. Every project has a custom and very specific design that we must work within to ensure we implement “lessons learned” and maintain the highest of quality standards.

Our sole objective is to build the finest quality project, and through the use of in-house professionals, Coastal ensures the plan is being executed and that our pre-set expectations are being achieved. Through constant monitoring and training our field team, we are able to monitor and ensure the highest level of quality achievable. Ultimately, we strive for perfection and refuse to settle for less.

“We don’t just hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards… we create them. This is not just a Coastal promise; but a passion to which I’ve committed my life.”

– Michael P. Murphy, Senior Vice President QA/QC