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Paradise Plaza at Miami Design District



Retail Spaces





Type: Commercial

Completed: 2018

Client: Dacra Development and L Real Estate

Architect: Various | SB Architects (Architect of Record)

Paradise Comes to the Design District:

As part of our continuing and valued relationship in the Miami Design District (MDD) with Craig Robins’ Dacra Development and their partner, L Real Estate, Coastal completed Phase III of the MDD Master Plan. This phase includes the re-development of two full city blocks in the already booming district. Construction includes approximately 120,000 square feet of new luxury shopping in over a dozen architecturally diverse facilities spread throughout the northern sector of the District. The northerly anchor facility, to be known as Paradise Plaza, houses shops and restaurants and will be filled with the art and architecture of many internationally renowned artists and designers. Paradise Plaza will be connected to the recently opened and hugely successful Palm Court (also built by Coastal) via the extension of a mid-block pedestrian passageway known as the Passeo Ponti. The Miami Design District, an award winning LEED-ND Gold neighborhood, is known for its green construction, including numerous green rooftops, dotted with enormous mature trees native to South Florida, and art and water features woven into the design elements.

“Coastal has been a major contributor to Dacra’s success for the past 15 years. Coastal is
the ideal contractor for the intricate designs we are implementing.”

Craig Robins

President, Dacra