Disaster Recovery

Helping businesses, communities and individuals when the unexpected happens.

One of Coastal’s greatest strengths in disaster recovery is our speed.
In the aftermath of natural disasters or other catastrophic events, Coastal stands ready to help our Clients regroup and rebuild by providing immediate remediation and recovery for disaster areas including:

· Hurricane Recovery
· Fire & Water Damage
· Oil Spills

In addition to our construction work, Coastal understands the desperate need for reconstruction in times of crisis. Coastal Environmental Services, an affiliate of Coastal Construction Group, specializes in hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, and other major disaster remediation. Coastal Environmental Services extended it disaster recovery business unit to include oil skimming and clean-up efforts after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The company is able to offer effective remediation and recovery services for relief efforts ranging from small oil spills to complex multi- million dollar catastrophes. Coastal Environmental Services offers state-of-the-art vessels and equipment with an immediate response time to neutralize, contain, and rectify spills and leaks as rapidly and efficiently as is possible.